• Pokhara Khahare, Kaski, Nepal
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Pema Dechenling Monastery, Pokhara

Baidam Tamang sewa samaj (Tamang Support Community) was established by Tamang peoples who settled in Baidam area from the various part of nepal. The core principle of establishing this community is to unite Tamang tribe, preserve culture and sustenance to their individual growth.

The same community made a monastery in their civic property which is named as Pema Dechenling Monastery. The objective of the establishment is to preserve their community, rituals and spiritual activities. The monastery is located in the greenery jungle and high altitude than city. We can see very beautiful views of fewa lake city. So, it has playing a vital role in promoting tourism as well.Nowadays , many tourist are stopover in this place for sightseeing,enlightenment and meditation.

The monastery is just not only established for Tamang Community but also to extend the knowledge of buddha and world peace.The monastery has been enchanted with 108 lakh (10.8 millions ) Buddhist mantras along with different elements from the lowest bead of ocean to highest peak of mountain and elements from where Buddha was born (Lumbini) to where he got enlightened. There is a 28 feet tall Buddha Statue which is made from the combination of these element making the monastery sacred and tends to possess positive vibes.The monastery was inaugurated in 2067 BS on the very auspicious occasion of Buddha's 2554th Birthday.